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The college have special emphasis on providing an atmosphere conclusive for learning. All the classrooms are equipped with most modern educational audiovisual equipments.
Dairy Microbiology Lab
Facilities for the estimation of microbiological quality of milk and milk products are available in the laboratory. Different starter cultures for the production of cheese, yoghurt, curd etc. are maintained in the pure form in microbiology lab. Practical sessions with the aid of most modern equipments like BOD and CO incubators, refrigerated centrifuge and lyophilizer enhance the knowledge of students.
Dairy Chemistry Lab
It is one of the best laboratories available in the State for quality assessment of milk and milk products through chemical analysis. Spectrophotometer, Cryostar, Kjeldahl apparatus, Abbey Refractometer, etc. help the students to excel in quality assurance of milk and milk products.
Computer Lab and Internet Club
Information technology being an important factor in imparting quality education, college provides a user friendly computer centre with internet access. The computer centre helps the institute to perform all its functions and equip the students to become truly global competitors.
Experimental Dairy Plant
Kerala Agricultural University established the KAU Dairy plant in 1986 with the prime intension of providing practical training in the area of milk processing and preparation of various milk products. Practical classes for the various Dairy Technology courses are con ducted here. Students gain valuable experience in the operation and maintenance of milk processing equipments installed in the plant. The plant has an installed capacity of 1000 1ph of milk. Plant is equipped with facilities for pasteurization and hygienic packing of milk and for the production of various milk products. A good number of value added products are manufactured and marketed by the dairy plant. Students are trained on various aspects of product development. A sensory lab for judging and evaluation of dairy products is also maintained in the dairy plant. The dairy plant also undertakes short term training courses and extension activities.
Dairy and Food Engineering Lab
Practical training for the various engineering courses is given in the experimental dairy plant. Students are exposed to the operation of various milk receiving equipments, milk pasteurization plant and various products manufacturing equipments such as vacuum evaporator, spray drier, roller drier, Homogenizer, ice cream freezer etc. Students are also given practical training in the operation of Boiler, Refrigeration plant and various types of pumps etc. during the course of study. A good engineering workshop and a spacious drawing room also exist for the conduct of engineering courses.
Dairy and Food Engineering lab is equipped with many sophisticated equipments such as Texture analyzer, Rotational Viscometer, Mini spray drier, PID control Trainer, Heat Exchange Trainer with PC interface, Multi Process Control Trainer with PC interface, Refrigeration trainer, etc.
Facilities in Dairy production
Livestock farms consisting of cattle, goat and buffaloes maintained in the campus of College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy provide training to the students on all aspects of farm management and milk production. Milk is subsequently processed in the University Dairy plant for value addition. The college has a vast sprawling area for fodder crop cultivation and students are trained on various practical aspects of fodder production also.
College Library
The CDST Library houses an excellent collection of scientific books, journals, research papers, publications, annual reports, and bound volumes of periodicals which makes the library a ‘learner’s paradise’. The library facilities are made available to all the students, trainees, faculty members and non-teaching staff.
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